"Dime de qué presumes y te diré de qué careces" (Dimmi di cosa ti vanti e ti dirò che cosa ti manca)

venerdì, novembre 21, 2008

The :-| emoticon

Have you ever been enthusiastic about anything? Can you remember the emotion that made your heart beat stronger and faster? Don't you think that was a great moment?

Well. And now think about the opposite feeling. No enthusiasm at all. No emotion, no feelings, no will to do what you're doing.

Imagine, for example, your girlfriend has forced you to accompany her in a shopping tour-de-force to buy shoes. How do you feel at the idea of going out with her and walking throughout all city stopping every twenty meters (or less) because she has to look at the showcases? Is such an amazing idea to bring heavy big bags full of shoes in their boxes? And if your girlfriend asked you to pay for her because she's out of money telling you "I'll give your money back one of these days"?

There are two possibilities:
a) You're enthusiastic at the idea. This is false. This means you're gay and that you can't have a girlfriend.
b) you're not desperated... this is not the worse can happen to you... but you are resigned to your destiny and on your face appears an expression that could be described as "neutral": the one represented by the :- emoticon.

You're not happy. You're not sad. You're just completely devoid of enthusiasm.

Use the :-. emoticon in your chat, emails, even handwritten informal docs. It's fun and gives the idea.
A: Hey dude! What about goin'out in a dirty cheap bar and get pissed 'til 3 am?
B: Oh, shit! I can't! Tonight I have to go singing with the choir of my parish. Wow. :-